With cut-edge military-level technology, Israeli start-up Cheq tries to battle counterfeit news

Counterfeit news is an enormous business. Start-ups such as Cheq are attempting to make it a less worthwhile endeavor. Guy Tytunovich, the CEO of Cheq was also previously an associate from the Israeli Defense Force’s 8200 unit that manages military cyber security. Based on the cyber security and normal language processing understanding he grabbed in his previous experience, the CEO wishes to keep promoters from showing up on certain unsafe content, similar to counterfeit news.

Ahead of the 2020 presidential political decision, Cheq is utilizing AI to attempt to distinguish counterfeit news and ensure brands and companies don’t put advertisements on them. The counterfeit news economy gained notoriety in 2016 after stories showed up on Facebook to impact the presidential election decision. It’s difficult to tell precisely how enormous the counterfeit news issue is In spite of it being a known issue. The Global Disinformation Index, which was shaped about a year prior, has of late conducted a research inspecting 20,000 domains that are known distributers of disinformation and concluded that those sites were generating $235 million per year.

Cheq, established in July 2017 was propelled by Tytunovich, Ehud Levy as well as Asaf Butovsky to shield advertisers by distinguishing counterfeit news spread by bots and phony users, and protecting brands from content that could be conceivably harming.

Brands may choose to maintain a strategic distance from the conspicuous warnings, similar to graphic violence, pornography, etc however may likewise decide to avoid news stories that could strife with their brand.

Situated in Tel Aviv, Cheq has 60 representatives, 25 of which are engineers with defence or cyber security foundations. Cheq today professes to work with a portion of the world’s greatest publicists and promotion organizations such as Dentsu’s Cyber Communications, whom Cheq as partnered with in Japan. In June 2018, the organization declared its first round of financing of $5 million.

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